Overnight Orientation Self-Study
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Overnight Orientation Self-Study must be completed for any overnight trip with your Girl Scout troop. This includes motels, camping, resorts, etc. One registered adult volunteer per troop.
To find the information needed for the online training, please refer to the following document: Go to www.gsnnj.org>forms (far upper right of website banner). Enter "Volunteer Essentials" in search box. Review the APPENDIX: FOR TRAVEL VOLUNTEERS. The sections needed will be noted below each question as (Refer to....)
*1. Travel is built on a progression of activities. Which of the following is a good trip for Girl Scout Daisies?
(Refer to Traveling with Girls)

*2. Which of the following is a good trip for Girl Scout Brownies?
(Refer to Traveling with Girls)

*3. What are the three keys to leadership?
(Refer to USING JOURNEYS IN THEIR TRAVELS and The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting )

*4. How should leaders lead the girls? (see note below)
To ensure that any travel you do with the girls infuses the Girl Scout leadership experience at every opportunity, limit your role to facilitating the girls' brainstorming and planning-but never doing the work for them. (Refer to USING JOURNEYS IN THEIR TRAVELS and The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting )

*5. In determining maturity of the girls in a troop/group and their readiness to travel and/or stay overnight, which ability below would be most important to assess the group?

SEEKING COUNCIL PERMISSION Before most trips, you and the girls will need to obtain council permission. For GSNNJ forms and additional information, go to www.gsnnj.org>forms. Search for "Troop Group Activity Application".
*6. In addition to the Troop/Group Activity Application (TGAA), forms needed for an OVERNIGHT trip are:

*7. As you ask for chaperones, be sure to look for ones who are committed to which of the following:
(Use the Involving Chaperones section)

*8.Which of the following is correct?
(Refer to Transporting Girls)

*9. Whether the trip is a day hike or a cross-country trek, the basic steps of trip planning are essentially the same. Which of the following is NOT part of the planning process?
(Refer to Letting Girls Lead)

*10. Which is NOT an important safety concern during a trip?
(Refer to Staying Safe During the Trip)

*11. Always check to see where the nearest fire exit is when you arrive at your destination. Which is NOT a safety tip to share with the girls and other adults?
(Refer to Travel Security & Safety Tips)

VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS CHAPTER 4 REVISED 1-16 (look under this section to answer questions 12-18) In girl scouting, the emotional and physical safety and well-being of girls is always a top priority.
*12. Which of the following are responsibilities of the volunteer?
(Refer to Responsibilities of the Volunteer)

*13. Each girl is expected to do which of the following?
(Refer to Responsibilities of Girls)

*14. How many girls can two unrelated adults chaperone for a camping trip with Brownie Girl Scouts?
The adult to girl supervision ratio is not the same for outings as it is for meetings. (Refer to Knowing how may Volunteers You Need)

*15. How many chaperones are needed for a trip to Hershey Park with a Girl Scout Junior troop of 24 girls?
(Refer to Knowing How Many Volunteers You Need)

*16. When driving Girl Scouts, all drivers should take the following precautions:
(Refer to Checklist for Drivers)

*17. Which item below should NOT be in your first-aid kit?
Emergencies can happen. Assemble a well stocked first-aid kit that is always accessible. You may purchse one or the girls can put one together as a troop. (Refer to Someone Needs Emergency Care)

First Aid/CPR A first-aider is an adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout approved first-aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for child CPR. If through the American Red Cross, National Safety Council, EMP America, or American Heart Association, you have a chance to be fully trained in first-aid and CPR. The Safety Activity Checkpoints always indicate when a first-aider needs to be present. First-aid/CPR training that is available entirely online does NOT satisfy Girl Scout requirements. Instructions for staying safe while participating in activities are detailed in the Safety Activity checkpoints available online from council. Read the checkpoints and share them with other volunteers, parents, and girls before engaging in activities with girls.
*18. Which of the following healthcare providers may also serve as first-aiders?
(Refer to First Aid/CPR section)

*19. Which of the following activities can Girl Scouts NOT participate in?
(Refer to Safety Activity Checkpoints document; specifically Introduction to Safety Activity Checkpoints)

*20. Which is NOT a point common to all safety activity checkpoints for overnight trips?
(Refer to Girl Scout Safety Guidelines)

*21. In keeping with the 3 processes of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, be sure that which of the following are met:
(Refer to Using the Safety Activity Checkpoints)



If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: customercare@gsnnj.org

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: customercare@gsnnj.org